Teen Art Force

Teen art force 2018–2019



From studio classes to social events, MOCA offers an exciting roster of programs that engage young people ages 13-17 in the vibrant world of contemporary art.

All classes are free and materials are provided. All students must complete an application in order to attend. Applications are given out on the first day of class or are available at the front desk.

Weekly classes will take place at MOCA in North Miami, Monday through Friday from 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM.

Fall Session: October 8th – December 7th 2018

Winter Session: January 28th – March 22nd 2019

Spring Session: April 1st – May 24th 2019

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Fashion Design:

Step into the world of fashion and learn staple skills such as pattern-making, draping, and sewing. Create your own prêt-à-porter garments, or concept pieces that push the limits of high fashion.

Textile Design and Development:

Learn hands-on textile making with projects that incorporate weaving, knitting, felting and embroidery. Cut, sew, and embellish to create fabric art or additions to clothing.





Drawing and Portfolio Development:

This course covers the basics for any student wishing to enhance their portfolio, including gestural drawing, figurative drawing and still life.


Introduction to digital photography, learning techniques and terminology of the trade. Working on composition, light, aperture, and frame rates.





Mixed Media:

Use your creativity and express yourself through a variety of techniques such as collage and assemblage.


Create 3 dimensional works using a variety of medium including plaster, fabric, foam, and clay. Learn how to think “in the round.”





Print Making:

Gain experience in a variety of printmaking techniques including screen printing, monotype, linocut, and digital work. Printmakers can create their own logos to print on a variety of media including paper, fabric, t-shirts, or totes.





Art Journalism for Junior Docents:

Learn how to incorporate typography into artwork, how to write about art, and get the chance to travel to other art institutions to interview professionals. Students will produce the MOCAzine.


In order to participate in the MOCA Teen Art Force students are required to return a completed application with the following:

  • Activity Waiver
  • Medical Release Form
  • Child Information Sheet.

All forms must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.


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