Teen Art Force

From studio classes to social events, MOCA offers an exciting roster of programs that engage young people ages 13-17 in the vibrant world of contemporary art.

All classes are free and materials are provided. All students must complete an application in order to attend. 

Applications are given out on the first day of class or are available at the front desk.

Weekly classes will take place at MOCA in North Miami, Monday through Friday from 4pm – 6pm. Make sure to check out the website for our Summer Camp options!


Fashion × Textile Design

Step into the world of fashion and fiber art. Learn staple skills such as pattern-making, draping, hand and machine sewing. Create your own prêt-à-porter garments and conceptual pieces that push the limits of high fashion and art.


Drawing × Portfolio Development

Prepare and acquire basic skills for student or professional portfolios. Enhance existing work or receive help to create work that will help fortify any college or job application. Includes gestural and figurative drawing, still life painting, and other foundation projects.


Mixed Media × Sculpture

Explore the world of collage, assemblage, and 3D design. This course will expand your understanding on how to incorporate a variety of techniques into your visual repertoire, and serves as an introduction to various forms of sculptural media including ceramics, plaster, resin, and small metals.


Print Making

Gain experience in a variety of printmaking techniques including screen printing, mono- type, linocut, and digital work. Printmakers can create their own logos and editions of work as well as explore other commercial applications and gain experience in art sales.


Art Journalism × Photography

Master the most marketable skills with this course that covers topics needed in the professional art world and beyond. Learn the basics of photography, digital media such as Photoshop, In Design, and other software to help create the annual MOCAzine. The MOCA- zine is a culmination of art interviews, off site field trips to galleries, spotlights on location, poetry and typography. Students enrolled in the AJ&P class receive a copy for their professional portfolio, as well as recognition in the edition. In order to participate in free field trips students must have completed 5 days of class.

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