Chana Budgazad Sheldon 
Executive Director

T.J. Black
Deputy Director

Amanda Covach
Curator of Education

Sara Ryan
Director of Development

Adeze Wilford

Arasay Vazquez

Fabienne Merritt
Content Manager and Copywriter

Lorraine Biaggi
Membership and Donor Relations Manager

William Miranda
Buildings Manager

Marceau Livette
Security Chief

Gina Martins
Event and Program Coordinator

Francesca Luria
Youth Education Manager

Lauren Baccus
Exhibitions Education Specialist

Veronika Chanowitz
Finance Manager

Sophie Bonet
Exhibitions Manager

Doralis Ponce
Graphic Designer

Abraham Metellus
Operations Manager

Asher Louise
Visitor Services Manager

Maria Pereira
Executive Assistant

Adrienne Chadwick
Director of Community Engagement

Akilah Child
Director of Communications



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