Somos Monstros: Ceremonial Metal of Alien Exits


Raúl de Nieves

Somos Monstros: Ceremonial Metal of Alien Exits, 2017

Performance documentation
21:39 minutes
Courtesy Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

Performers: Raúl de Nieves and
Eric Zajaceskowski

Filmed, mixed and edited by
Christopher McDonald

Additional cinematography by
Josh Carrigan

Audio recorded by Eric Carbonara

In this 2017 performance at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, de Nieves and his collaborator Eric Zajaceskowski don beaded costumes like those on display in the Fina installation. Together they bang on drums while de Nieves delivers a monologue about conspicuous consumption and the spiritual effects of extractive capitalism. Positioned in between a projection screen and the light of the projector itself, light reflects off the performers’ costumes to bring attention to the glitter of the diamonds, emeralds, and other precious metals de Nieves is addressing in the piece.