Life and Spirituality in Haitian Art: Ernst and Guerda Louizor

Ernst Louizor (1938-2011)

Ernst Louizor was born in Port-au-Prince and joined Le Centre d’Art at the age of 13. He continued his studies at the newly founded Academie des Beaux-Arts and developed a personal style of Impressionism unique to Haiti. His paintings of markets, seascapes, and outdoor scenes capture the country’s beauty and people. Respected as a teacher with many followers, including his wife Guerda Louizor and brothers, Louizor exhibited in Haiti, Europe, Japan, and the United States.




Guerda Louizor (b. 1940)

Guerda Louizor was born in Port-au-Prince. She lived a traditional life working and raising her family until a friend inspired her to pursue a career as an artist. When Louizor sketched her first few paintings, she signed them and took them to her husband, Ernst Louizor, to “correct” them.

Louizor’s canvases represent rural scenes and the valley of Jacmel. In some paintings, she reproduces images from TV for unusual combinations. Influenced by European Impressionism, Louizor studies her surroundings and paints directly from nature. She was one of the few women at Le Centre d’Art.