Art History Lectures

for Educators & the Public

Art History Lectures

Issues in Modern and Contemporary Art and World Culture

Saturdays at 2pm • $5 per class.

Area professors and visual artists will be providing the instruction for the classes.

Free for MOCA members, North Miami residents,
and city of North Miami employees


1/16 • Identity Issues:  Feminist and Queer artDavid Rohn Visual & Performance Artist, Kemar McIntosh, MA/PhD Student in African and African Diaspora Studies and Global and Sociocultural Studies, Florida International University
1/23 • Identity Issues: Protest Art: (Re)constructing Spaces of ResistanceDr. Alessandra Rosa, PhD, Sociocultural Anthropology and Activist
1/30 • Identity Issues: The Body – Baartman to Beyonce: Appealing/ appalling buttocks in contemporary popular cultureDr. Dionne Stephens, Associate Professor of Psychology and Women & Gender Studies, Florida International University


2/13 • Place: Imagined Places and (De)Territorialized Identities in Postcolonial Black Arts Dr. Samba Camara, Adjunct Faculty, African Arts and Literature & Wolof Language and Culture, Florida International University
2/20 • Language: An Artists’ Perspective. Using letters, words and Spanglish phrases to interpret and re-purpose meanings addressing contemporary issuesRosa Naday Garmendia, Creative thinker and producer
2/27 • Spirituality: A Discussion of the Sacred Arts of Afro-Cuban Lukumi Religion | Dr. Martin Tsang, University of Miami and Alexander Fernandez, Florida International University


MARCH 2016
3/5 • Identity Issues:  Nationality and Ethnicity | Dr. Maya Boutaghou, Florida International University
3/12 • Time: The Past is More Infinite Than the Future: collapsing the linearArtists William Cordova and Onajide Shabaka


APRIL 2016
4/2 • Handiwork: The Place of Craft in Art Today | Dr. Martin Tsang, University of Miami and Alexander Fernandez, Florida International University
4/9 • Street Artists | Alessandro Abate, Photographer