Art project | cubist faces

Art at Home | Cubist Faces

For this project, we’ll be creating our own cubism inspired cardboard faces! This project is inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso.

Art project | color wheel cars

Art at Home | Color Wheel Cars

For this project, we’ll be talking about a few core principles of color theory to create our own grayscale wheel, and mixing primary colors to create secondary colors.

Art project | terrific tejidos

Art at Home | Terrific Tejidos

For this project, we’ll be learning all about the nieli’ka or nierika also known as God’s Eye weaving, then making our own with two sticks or two straws, scissors and yarn.

Art project | circle weaving

Art at Home | Circle Weaving

The process produces a round piece of weaving which you can use as a trivet or coaster or a decorative piece of wall art.

Magazine art

Magazine Art

MOCA Virtual Summer Art Camps Sampler
May 28
3pm on Facebook: MOCANoMi/Live