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Winter Art Camp 2022

MOCA Winter Art Camp is a series of paid art classes for children ages 7–12. Winter Art Camp runs from December 26, 2022 to January 6, 2023 for a total of 10 days from 9am- 3:30pm with the option of extended care (8:00am to 5:30pm) for an additional cost. Please click HERE to register for Extended Care.

This year students will travel through time and space to explore artistic traditions from various time periods across the globe!


Winter Art Camp Curriculum


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Monday DECEMBER 26 – Clayin’ Around the World (BCE)

Learn about different techniques ancient peoples across the world used to make clay vessels and sculptures. Journey through time and space to discover coil pots, wheel throwing, and pottery ornamentation.

Tuesday DECEMBER 27 – Medieval Marvels (1st – 14th century)

Visit Medieval Asia as we learn about Asian paper techniques and art traditions. Travel from Japan to India and the Arabian Peninsula to discover all the ways paper can be made into art!

Wednesday DECEMBER 28 – Real Life Renaissance (15th – 17th century)

Step into the Renaissance period and develop your portrait technique! Draw inspiration from the Italian Renaissance and create your own royal portrait!

Thursday DECEMBER 29 – Novel Nouveau (late 19th – early 20th century)

Glamour, Color, and Style all wrapped together. Travel back to the turn of the century and create unique collages full of patterns and color!

Friday DECEMBER 30 – Mandala Making (BCE – present)

As an ancient artistic tradition from Buddhist cultures (namely from India), mandalas have persisted through centuries. Create your own intricate mandala with colorful sand!

Monday JANUARY 2- On Point (late 19th – early 20th century)

It’s all in the details! Learn about expressionist artists Anna Boch, Seurat, and others who created detailed artworks using small dots to create a larger image. Use this technique to create your own dot-tastic artwork!

Tuesday JANUARY 3 – Express Yourself (early 20th century)

Splash your emotions onto paper by creating an oil pastel art piece inspired by the 20th century Expressionist Movement. Use different colors to convey emotions for your artwork and learn about how colors reflect feelings in art!

Wednesday JANUARY 4 – Collage Cubism (20th century)

Hop into the 20th century and join the ranks of cubist artists like Filipino artist Vincente Manansala. Join color and geometry to create your own dynamic artwork!

Thursday JANUARY 5 – Draw it like Deco (20th century)

Style, Flash, and Grandeur – Dance your way through the Art Deco period by creating your glamorous artwork inspired by Miami in the early 20th century.

Friday JANUARY 6 – Pop Tops (mid 20th century – present)

Bop your way to the Pop and Street Art Movements! Make your own street art inspired shirts using fabric crayons and dye. Join us as we fashion-fly our way through art today.

You have the option of registering for all ten days of camp or selecting individual workshops by clicking show individual events.

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