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MOCA Check In: Koops

Moca check in: koops

What is your name and title/occupation?
My name is Koops, and I am a 15 year old emerging artist and entrepreneur.

What are you reading/watching/listening to?
I am currently reading “Think like a Freak” by Levitt and Dubner (authors of Freakonomics), and Delivering Happiness by CEO of online shoe company, Tony Hsieh.

What are you working on right now (or how has your work changed over the last few months)?
During such unprecedented times, some may feel burdened, lonesome, and over-exhausted by everything occurring in society. However, I have taken this opportunity to feel inspired, and devoted to drive positive change in forms of art. I am currently working on a series called “Unite the states”, a series highlighting the divisiveness in America today, and the need for optimism and love for all in society. Overall, my work has evolved tremendously throughout this duration. My art has always been based around the idea of POWER evoked from art. Lately, my art has powered me in the most beautifully inspired way to create works of art that dont just embody a word but rather embody a powerful statement.

Do you have a MOCA memory that you want to share?
Since the time I was 4, MOCA has been a substantial factor in cultivating my love for art – Shifting my thoughts on what traditional art is, and teaching me that art is profound to each individual. Even at such a young age, I vividly recollect attending the weekend workshops with my mother, never having a dull moment, while learning new techniques and styles. I always enjoyed the carefully curated experience, and absorbed all of the beautiful lessons I learned over the years.

Koops UNCONSCIOUS AWARENESS Magazine, newspaper, acrylic paint, and resin finish on canvas. 30”x40” inches
Koops DREAMER Magazine letters, acrylic paint, and mixed mediums on canvas. 30”x40″