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Conversations at MOCA: Interview/Interview

Conversations at moca: interview/interview

Luis Gispert + william cordova
September 11, 2020 7-8:30PM

MOCA ZOOM and YouTube channel

Join artists Luis Gispert and william cordova as they interview each other and discuss their past collaborations, current work, and future projects. Both Gispert and cordova have artworks in MOCA’s permanent collection and have exhibited at the museum. In 2003, MOCA presented cordova’s exhibition No More Lonely Nights with work that conjured various memories and emotions, inspired by songs, lyrics, and snippets of conversation. cordova’s site-specific installation fused urban culture and ancient Andean spirituality. MOCA presented Gispert’s first comprehensive solo museum exhibition in 2009, which featured large-scale photographs, videos, sculpture and film.

Conversations at moca: interview/interview
william cordova ©2018 courtesy the artist
Conversations at moca: interview/interview
Luis Gispert


Conversations at moca: interview/interview
B-Movie production still of william corodva(performer) , Luis Gispert (camera) and Rick Negron (audio guy)
recording and performing on Lincoln Road
Image Courtesy william cordova