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MOCA Check In: Ekaterina Khromin

Moca check in: ekaterina khromin

What is your name and title/occupation?
My name is Ekaterina Khromin and I am an artist.

What are you reading/watching/listening to?
During the Pandemic and isolation I had more time to read, watched the news, and listened to the artists interviews.

What are you working on right now (or how has your work changed over the last few months)?
The isolation changed my world.
Loneliness makes me think more about life and my future as an artist. I started to appreciate the healing power of ART more during this difficult time.

What are you most looking forward to once we are no longer sequestered?
I wish life would return to normal soon, I am eager to visit museums and galleries again. I would like to make a huge house-warming party and invite my friends from MOCA.
I treasure my memories about MOCA during my exhibition. MOCA was an unforgettable experience. I admire the professionalism and attention of the people who helped me with the installation of my exhibition. I remember the tenacity and the interest from all of the team members to help me to succeed, and I am grateful for the their effort.

Have you taken up any new activities?
My next Synergism project would address the difficult time of this Pandemic’s isolation.
I would like to present a series of a different reliefs on canvases bringing together the idea of healing power of art. As my art helped me going though the tough times of isolation, giving me power to stay focused and create my reliefs, I think it will impart the same feeling and a healing power to the viewer.
I started my project with the idea to take impressions from the different shapes of intricate objects. This process led my imaginations to search for things which could be used in my collages. The flea markets and garage sales became my primary source of my treasure hunt.

The creative process will begin with examining and dissecting different types of discarded objects and creating base-relief compositions from fragments of pieces of trash. The abstract compositions will later be incased into a silicon mold. From the mold a multiple light weight casts will be created. The casts will be applied to canvases on a hot vacuum table and afterward painted.

I am considering my bas-reliefs on canvases compositions a fingerprints of our life. This is my way of showing that something beautiful could be created from old and unwanted things.

My creative process presented a new method in art. It is a combination of traditional art technics such as drawing, sculpture, painting, and collage united in one art object. The best way to describe the character of my craft is the word “Synergism;” when the sum of the whole created system in the art image is greater than the sum of its separate parts.

Moca check in: ekaterina khromin
Ekaterina Khromin / Covid-19, 2020