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MOCA Check In: Gregory Pierre-Louis

Moca check in: gregory pierre-louis

What is your name and title/occupation?
My name is Gregory Pierre-Louis also known as OREOFLIP
I am a Multimedia Disciplinary Artist currently attending New World School of the Arts .

What are you reading/watching/listening to?
Currently I’m at a frenzy with all the information I’m looking into. Book-wise I’ve been diving more into the spiritual sense with books about the zodiac and soul signs and The Book of Birthdays. Visually I’ve been drawn to interviews tied into this political climate. Some interviews involving James Baldwin, Angela Davis, Huey P. Newton, Dick Gregory, Nicki Giovanni, Toni Morrison, etc. It’s amusing how watching old interviews of African American activists fighting for civil rights can strike the same chord as the young protesters in today’s battleground.

What are you working on right now (or how has your work changed over the last few months)?
I am currently working on a couple projects that I am very excited to show once done. A mixture of standard Two Dimensional pieces to a full on visual experiment with sound. With everything going on, it has sort of provided me with a new lens to see my environment. Minimal actions I take for granted are now appreciated with a bigger admiration. As everything shifts to the internal I feel I’m in an adventure of finding out who I am and more importantly, who I was groomed to become. A lot of unpacking traumas and self inflicted stereotypes brought on by the media and ignorance. Before my work dealt mainly with the exploration of the human body consciousness and the pursuit to navigate the world’s terrain while simultaneously searching for internal bliss, but as we were hit with the pandemic my focus has concentrated more on the world’s terrain. The world’s scales are being shed and we get to see the interwoven layers of systems constructed to keep our minds hazy and domesticated. As my journey continues I will not look back at 2020 as an era but a connected happening that was meant to happen.

Moca check in: gregory pierre-louis