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Watercolors Gone Wild

Watercolors gone wild

Virtual Summer Art Camps Sampler

Can’t wait to get started making art?
Join us on MOCA’s Facebook Livestream for fun-at-home art projects.

SAMPLER 1 \ May 26 at 3pm:

Kids will create a composition inspired by animals. We’ll use common household items to achieve WILD results!

Aerial shot of Watercolors gone wild example with supplies

Supplies Needed:
• Cookie sheet or tray with rim
• Watercolor paper or heavy drawing paper (no posterboard)
• Watercolor set (any type is OK)
• 2-3 brushes in different sizes (one around 1″ wide if possible, or a sponge works if you don’t have one that large)
• Pencil & eraser
• White crayon or oil pastel
• Plastic palette with wells, or 4-5 small containers*
• 1 tsp. salt (any type) in a small container*
• 1 Tbsp. cooking oil (any type) in a small container*
• Water in a container, to clean brush
• Rag or paper towel

*Empty yogurt or jello cups are good for containers!

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