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MOCA Check In: Priya Sircar

Moca check in: priya sircar

Name and title/occupation
Priya Sircar, Director/Arts, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation


What are you reading/watching/listening to?
Reading: Mostly Covid-19 related news and information, including anything arts-related
Watching: Revisiting classics/introducing them to my 3-year-old (latest favorite: The Neverending Story, which feels apropos of the times)
Watching/Listening/Participating: A great variety of online offerings by artists and arts organizations, including many the Knight Foundation is pleased to support

​How has your work changed now that you are doing it from home?
For the first 4-6 weeks of working at home, there was a focus on checking in with Knight Foundation grantees to understand how they are being impacted by the pandemic, what resources were available or taking shape, and help to develop a strategic response. The acute nature of the onslaught of the pandemic (and stay-at-home orders in communities where Knight funds) meant that my already busy schedule of phone calls/meetings kicked into even higher gear, given that we were having more conversations in a short time frame, including video conferences with colleagues at Knight that would normally have taken place in person. Now the focus is turning back toward the longer term—how are artists and organizations preparing to come back in some way, whether cyclical or otherwise, and how will we be applying our strategies through the lens of COVID-19, so the nature of the work is going back to bit more of what it was before, and the call schedule is easing just a tad. What this has meant for me and my family is that—in our small quarters—my husband and daughter have to spend a lot of time staying out of my video calls! They handle it graciously. A wonderful by product of working at home—and not traveling—is seeing much more of my family.

​Have you taken up any new activities?
I’ve returned to an old love: baking, like many Americans, apparently. The new aspect is baking with my daughter, which is a joy! I’m also spending more time outside, trying to take daily walks (masked, of course!), which I didn’t do before. I guess one new activity is yoga classes by Zoom—I definitely wasn’t doing that before, but happy to have a way to do it with my neighborhood yoga spot until we’re able to get back in the studio.

What are you looking forward to doing once we are no longer sequestered?
Enjoying a coffee in a local coffee shop and traveling to visit our family and friends in Texas. And coming to MOCA with my family, of course!

Do you have a MOCA memory that you want to share?
I’m still relatively new to Miami, so my favorite MOCA memory is of a great conversation with Chana Sheldon on my first visit, which happened to be in between exhibitions (one was just being installed). I look forward to making MOCA memories, hopefully in the near future!

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