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MOCA Check In: John Copeland

Moca check in: john copeland

Name and title/occupation
John Copeland / Director, Cultural Tourism, Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau


What are you reading/watching/listening to?
Reading: The Kingsbridge Series by Ken Follett: World Without End / Watching: Outlander, Mandalorian, Fleabag / Listening: Virtual concerts by New World Symphony, Rhythm Foundation and UM’s Frost School of Music

How has your work changed now that you are doing it from home?
This new (temporary) reality has been a catastrophic hit to our tourism industry in Greater Miami. Our organization quickly modified from a “sales & marketing” company to a “service our industry” organization. My work now centers around helping our arts & culture organizations promote their online experiences through our new Virtual Miami web platform: We are also working very hard on a comprehensive Business Recovery Campaign that can be quickly launched once our community is cleared for reopening.

Have you taken up any new activities?
New activities include more time trying to stay fit and active while properly social distancing. I’m thrilled to be back in the saddle on my road bike! Cycling through the pleasantly empty roads of Miami has allowed me to reconnect with streets and neighborhoods that we rarely slow down to notice during the grind of our typical commutes.

What are you looking forward to doing once we are no longer sequestered?
Forced sequestering has opened my eyes to the vital importance of our arts community. I miss our museums openings, theatre performances, gallery nights, live music concerts and most especially – friends and colleagues that I know are hurting just as much as I am right now. I know we still have a ways to go, but my hope is that our community will come back stronger and more supportive than ever.

Do you have a MOCA memory that you want to share?
I LOVE the Jazz at MOCA series on Friday nights. I studied jazz in college (trombone!) Anytime you mix the world’s top visual artists + live exceptional jazz + outdoors in Miami + MOCA + free = heaven on earth!