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MOCA Check In: Christy Gast

Moca check in: christy gast

Name and title/occupation
Christy Gast, Artist


What are you reading/watching/listening to?
​I’m adjusting to a more geographically anchored lifestyle, and watching Wim Wender’s epic road movie “Until the End of the World” on the Criterion Collection has released me from my habitat a bit. It’s a visual treat and the sound design is stunning. It was released in 1991 but set in a futuristic 1999 with kitschy handheld devices and screens-in-screens that are surprisingly spot-on. I’ve been listening to (and watching concerts via Instagram live) Beverly Glenn-Copeand, a visionary 76-year-old electronic music composer and singer who is African-American and trans. He is a dreamboat with a gorgeous voice and a message of love that the world needs right now. And last but not least, I watch Coral City Camera every day and dance with the fishes at sunset, when the feed is sublimely glitchy. I’m a bit of an evangelist about it. Thanks Coral Morphologic and BFI!​

How has your work changed now that you are doing it from home?
For 10 years, I’ve been part of the eco-feminist collective Ensayos (@ensayostierradelfuego). Before the lockdown we were planning for a summer residency where we’d develop a play. Instead, we have begun weekly Zoom rehearsals. Creating with these brilliant artists and scientists from Chile, Norway, Australia, Uruguay and the U.S. is an anchor and a highlight of my week.

Have you taken up any new activities?
I learned to draft extremely complex weaving patterns. I’m working on one that resembles a python skin.

What are you looking forward to doing once we are no longer sequestered?
Hugs and museums.

Do you have a MOCA memory that you want to share?
The last time I was at MOCA, during 2019 Art Week, I took part in Cecilia Vicuña’s performance. We cocooned people in fluffy wool the color of the Caribbean and entreated them to “see rise.” We were wrapped in song.


Beverly glenn copelandmoma ps1 sunday sessions 12 08 2019 beverly glenn copeland nathan bajar 64
Beverly Glenn-Copeand


Moca check in: christy gast
Coral city screenshot


Moca check in: christy gast Until the end of the world
Until the end of the world


On the MOCA Plaza, Artist Cecilia Vicuña writes "see rise" on Christy Gast's palms, which are opened like a butterfly as a young girls sits between them watching and wearing a blue scarf
Cecilia Vicuña performance