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MOCA Check In: Amy Galpin

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Name and title/occupation
Amy Galpin, Chief Curator, Frost Art Museum at FIU. Previously, she was Curator of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College and Associate Curator, Art of the Americas, at the San Diego Museum of Art. Galpin received a PhD in Art History from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

What are you reading/watching/listening to?
So much. I just finished Shtisel, a drama (with a touch of soap opera) produced in Israel. Other things I’ve enjoyed watching: Crash Landing on You, documentaries on Hillary Clinton and Clyfford Still. I read both Just Mercy and Little Fires Everywhere awhile ago, so I was excited to watch both come to life on my small screen. I’ve been reading memoirs: I’m currently reading two by Annette Rawlings, a contemporary artist who lived in the Grove at one point. I’ve read two memoirs by Reyna Grande and Gloria Anzaldúa’s iconic Borderlands. Listening-wise, I rely heavily on Spotify and Pandora, but also I like the Pod Save America podcasts.

How has your work changed now that you are doing it from home?
I am very fortunate that, thus far, my work translates well to remote work. I’ve been keeping busy. Like many, Zoom meetings are now a big part of my life. My work flow is different now that I am not attending programs and events in the evenings.

​Have you taken up any new activities?
It’s super nerdy. At FIU, we are required to do a number of professional development hours. I usually focus on museum-related opportunities and attend conferences related to my professional interests. My colleagues introduced me to short classes I can take via Linked In. A few weeks ago, I took a chance and started watching a few tutorials. I kind of love it! I feel like I am learning about this whole world of experts that I don’t think about very often. I’ve watched tutorials on leadership, office communication, body language, charisma, and social media. I am fascinated!

​What are you looking forward to doing once we are no longer sequestered?
Seeing friends, connecting with FIU students. In terms of museum work, I really like the education aspect. Giving tours, meeting members, learning from our visitors. I hope that will resume.

Do you have a MOCA memory that you want to share?
Hands down: the opening of AfriCOBRA, curated by Dr. Jeffreen Hayes. The opening was unforgettable, it was the antidote to Art Basel. The show was wonderful, it advanced scholarship, and so many artists attended the opening. I remember running into many colleagues that night and we were all so happy to be there and to witness such a great exhibition and event. I also want to share a MoCA memory that I was not present for! Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz’s performance at Wangechi Mutu’s opening in 2014. There is a picture of Wanda in full regalia outside MoCA. I’ve used the image in several presentations I’ve made about Wanda’s practice.

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Bird of Paradise Jacket and Crown by Jae Jarrell
Bird of Paradise Jacket and Crown by Jae Jarrell