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JAZZ at MOCA: French Horn Collective

Jazz at moca × french horn collective

Friday, January 31st, 2020, 8pm | Free. Rain or Shine.

Update: The French Horn Collective founder, Vincent Raffard, has been in a serious accident and is currently fighting to recover. Singer Shira Lee will be Raffard’s replacement performing with the French Horn Collective during Jazz at MOCA on January 31, 2020. Our hearts and prayers go out to Vincent. Sending his family strength and wishing him a speedy recovery.


The French Horn Collective is an energetic and progressive band that performs an eclectic variety of Gypsy Jazz, Swing, and modern original French music throughout South Florida. Led by Parisian musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and songwriter Vincent Raffard, the diverse group consists of anywhere from 3 to 8 highly talented musicians from a myriad of musical backgrounds, with instrumentation including trumpet, guitar, violin, double bass, clarinet, and vocals.

The French Horn Collective's wide variety of musical influences, ranging from Gypsy Jazz, Hot Swing, Ska, to Polka, result in the band producing a smooth mixture of progressive Gypsy/Parisian/Swing/World Music. The French Horn Collective has just released a new album "The French Horn Collective: Hot Club of Miami". Full of exciting Gypsy Jazz and Swing tunes along with classic French songs, the "Hot Club of Miami" represents the Gypsy chapter of the French horn.

The French Horn's Gypsy project consists of traditional acoustic instruments from the Gypsy Jazz genre. They can be seen and heard performing live almost every night in South Florida. The band performs in many settings, ranging from big stages, festivals, restaurants, bars, private parties, radio shows, corporate affairs, and even burlesque acts, with personnel ranging from a small trio to a large 8 piece band.


"A perfect stylistic harmony and a fluent technique are the results of this complex energy named “French gypsy jazz”."  –French Culture Miami

"sweet sounds and killer music" –

"The French Horn Collective are the coolest hipsters in town but they’re not making a style statement. They are just naturally, enthusiastically, undeniably vintage in their tastes and panache. They’re so cool, in fact, that Johnnie Walker recently filmed them for a commercial. 'We are artisan musicians, and that’s what we have to do,” said leader Vincent Raffard, “to play our best all the time.' " Sarah L. Mason


Guests will also have the opportunity to learn different types of swing dances such as the Jive, Balboa, Charleston and Jitterbug from Fluxus Haus dancers in the Pavilion Gallery. Following the dance lessons, guests will enjoy a special performance choreographed by Fluxus Haus founder, Agatha Wright.

Café Crème will host a bar with a signature MOCA cocktail and the US Census will be on-site distributing giveaways. Guests will also enjoy a pop-up photo booth and more.


Open 7 – 10pm, pay as you wish for admission to the museum during Jazz at MOCA.