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Luis Cruz Azaceta

Untitled (The Rafter), 1994

hand printed color silkscreen

30 in. x 24 in.

Luis Cruz Azaceta (born 1942 in Havana, Cuba) is a latin american artist based in New York. Cruz Azaceta has dealt with themes of urban violence, the type of personal isolation that comes with living in a large and overcrowded city, the hellish conditions created by mismanaged government, the abuses and oppression of dictatorships and, in a number of highly affecting works done back in the late 1980s, the ravages of AIDS.


The Rafter is a painting that represents the people that try to escape Cuba by building a raft with whatever materials they could find like bottles and old tires. After that, the Cubans will try to cross the ocean and reach the United States, while trying their best to survive the very dangerous journey.


[description:]  Abstract orange background with no depth. The main subject is a man with a very large head and a scared expression on his face. This man is sitting inside a raft. The right arm of the subject is elongated and the end of it lacks a hand. The arm is pointing upward and the pit of it is very thin and sharp. Right to the left of the face there is a black circle, with a smaller yellow circle in the middle. There is another one of this circles right above the head of the subject. The whole right side of the painting is lines with drawings of the tips of knives and guns. They are pointing toward the main subject.

Gift of Ruth and Richard Shack