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Geometry of the Body Symposium

Geometry of the Body Symposium

Geometry of the Body Symposium




Geometry of the Body Symposium

Geometry of the Body Symposium
Saturday and Sunday, January 14-15, 2017


$50 for both days all events
$30 MOCA members and NoMi residents
$15 a la carte, MOCA members/non-members/residents

Geometry is based on the procedural measurement of the thinkable.
Walking, sitting, dancing, performing or even in stillness, the body creates its dimensional realities perceived through our physical senses. In the world of natural phenomena, it is the underlying patterns of geometric form, proportion and associated wave frequencies that give rise to all perceptions and identifications. The Geometry of the Body symposium will examine the human connection to the cosmos, science, mathematics and movement.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

1:00-2:30 pm Pavilion Gallery

Architecture from the Outside
Departing from the geometric principles presented in ANTUAN: The Other Dimension, this panel will discuss what emerges as an understanding of architecture as a primarily emotional and perceptual experience grounded in biological values that have to be put forward in the design process of spaces.
with Jorge Gutierrez, Alfredo Triff, Carola Bravo, Misael Soto

3:00-5:00 pm MOCA Lecture Hall

Healing Art and Sculptures from Recycled Materials
with exhibition artist ANTUAN

5:30-7:00 pm Pavilion Gallery

Emotion, Architecture and Movement: A Body That Collects, facilitated by Pioneer Winter

This movement-based workshop will explore our embodiment through physical exploration of memory, architecture, power, and geometry. Participants will come away from the workshop with a sense of catharsis, as the themes aforementioned are collapsed to the spatial awareness of the body, anchored and unanchored.

Open to all levels, no dance experience necessary.




Sunday, January 15, 2017

11:00 am-1:00 pm Pavilion Gallery

The Aesthetics of Meditation in ANTUAN: The Other Dimension: Sound, Movement and Healing
with Antuan Rodriguez and Luchi Estevez

2:00-4:00 pm Pavilion Gallery

Expressiveness of the Body and the Art of the Extraordinary Vessels
Talk by Daniel Atchison Nevel Acupuncture Physician followed by a group shared acupuncture experience by NSEV Healing and Acupuncture physicians.

A NSEV Shared, Group Acupuncture experience engages acupuncture’s extraordinary vessels to provide a deep exploration into our individual and collective selves.

Each participant receives the identical four acupuncture points to access one of the eight extraordinary vessels. The vessel is then engaged in the individual and in the group as a whole.

Acupuncture’s extraordinary vessels may be viewed as the primordial fields that shape our external and internal realities and provide the core functions mandatory to human existence.

Our relationship to ourselves and the world outside us, how we move through the world & receive the world and our connection to the world are cultivated when we engage the extraordinary vessels.

NSEV Healing & Acupuncture combine practices from a variety of the worlds’ wisdom and healing traditions including music, art, movement, meditation, massage and more to provide a compelling & direct experience of acupuncture’s extraordinary vessels.

About the Symposium Facilitators


Geometry of the Body Symposium

Antuan was born in Villa Clara, Cuba, January 9, 1972. He is a graduate of the Elemental School of Art, Eva Olga Alonso, Villa Clara, 1985; the San Alejandro National Academy of Arts, Havana, Cuba, 1987; and received a B.A. in Fine Arts from the Universidad Félix Varela, Villa Clara, Cuba, 1996. With an intense training in visual arts and an emphasis in sculpture and tridimensional work, Antuan leaves Cuba for France to continue his training and education in art. In 1997 he obtains his Master in Bronze Casting under the direction of sculptor Josep Castell in Perpignan, France. In 1998 he moves to Spain and receives a Fine Arts Scholarship granted by Bancaja Foundation, Valencia, Spain specializing in a Master Program in Iron and Resin at the Atelier D’Art Ros Mari in Valencia, Spain.

In 2010 he designs and produces Base Paint, Epic, Miami, FL, during Art Basel Miami Beach, a monumental humanitarian project through which Caribbean artists intervened to decorate tents used as classrooms for Haitian children victims of the earthquake. The project was also presented and widely acclaimed in Port Au Prince.

His work has been studied and assessed by critics and curators such as Paco Barragan (Spain), Noel Smith (USA), Dennys Matos (Cuba), Jorge Luis Gutierrez (USA-Venezuela) and Orlando Britto Jinorio (Spain) among others. Antuan is included in many art reviews, articles and books including Latino America Al Limite/Arte Latino Americano Contemporaneo, Chile, 2014; Art.Es Magazine, Spain, 2015; Primera Trienal Internacional del Caribe, Santo Domingo, 2010; and the Panama Biennial, 2013. His latest exhibitions and venues include Global Caribbean IV, Miami, USA, 2012; Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, Cadiz, Spain, 2014; Instituto Buena Bista and IPS Center for Contemporary Art, Aruba, 2014. VideoConcreta, Matucana 100 Art Center, Chile 2015; CINTAS Foundation Fellows Finalist Exhibition, Freedom Tower Museum of Art Design, Miami, 2016; and a solo exhibition Vibración 7.8 at the Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo, 2016.

Coming from a peripheral country (Cuba), and later a stranger to an historical Europe and pragmatic USA, his “uprootedness” has contributed to the building of a more independent and non-partisan retelling of reality and representation. Antuan is a real Miami contemporary artist.


Jorge Luis Gutierrez
Geometry of the Body Symposium

A dynamic visual arts manager, museologist, and curator, Gutiérrez has developed an extensive experience running, museums, collections, art organizations and college art galleries in the Americas. He is the author of several essays, forwards, catalogs and books on modern and contemporary art.  Among others, he has been Director of the National Museum of Visual Arts Alejandro Otero in Venezuela, Director of Cultural Affairs of the National Library of Venezuela, advisor for the Organization of American States (OAS) on museum and archive practices and arts management in the Caribbean and Latin America, and Director and Chief Curator of the Miami Dade College Art Gallery System and the Freedom Tower Museum, Miami. Currently, he is a consultant for private collections, artists, the Miami Triennial, and the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance Borderless Caribbean Contemporary Art Project. Gutierrez has promoted an open, multifaceted view on trans-cultural contemporary art, and has been instrumental in the production and curatorship of key iconic modern and contemporary art exhibitions throughout the Americas.


Dr. Alfredo Perez-Triff

Geometry of the Body Symposium

He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Music Composition from the University of Miami. Since 1999, Dr. Perez-Triff has been the art critic for the weekly newspaper Miami New Times, through which he has published more than 150 contributions. Dr. Perez-Triff is the director of Miami-Dade College’s East/West Group (whose mission is to establish a link between Miami and peoples from all over the world).  He keeps an active social profile by organizing panels, conferences and regularly appears as juror of important non-profit committees. He has been part of the board of directors of institutions such as Tigertail and The African-American Art Consortium. Dr. Perez-Triff was the 2003 recipient of the Carolina Grant from the Spanish Government. He is also a cat lover and enjoys good food, polemical conversations and the occasional puff from good tobacco.


Dr. Carola Bravo

Geometry of the Body Symposium

A Miami based artist well known for her immersive video-installations, site-specific installations, urban interventions, and intimate studio artworks that address space, changing territories and their geometry.  Her work revolves around the immemorial dilemma between reality and illusion and the philosophical dilemmas of knowledge.  Her proposal is a permanent reification of space through the projection of the images that evoke it, exploring the possibility that spaces might retain a sort of memory of the actions that have taken place in them and constituting a kind of subjective architecture.  Bravo is a trained architect, a lover of literature, she holds a Ph.D in Architecture from The Central University in Venezuela, from where she also obtained, in 2003, a Master in Art History. She received her BSc in Architecture from the Philadelphia Colleges of the Arts, Philadelphia, USA, in 1987.


Misael Soto

Geometry of the Body Symposium

Rooted in a contextually- and project-based site-specific exploration of shared experiences and performative gestures, his work investigates ephemeral and transcendental possibilities via a concise disruption and manipulation of existing systems through ephemeral performances. Born in Puerto Rico (1986), Misael is a Miami artist, pursuing an MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Misael graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History from Florida Atlantic University (2008) and has shown at Open Engagement 2015, the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, Material Art Fair in Mexico City, David Castillo Gallery in Miami, Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, Young at Art Museum in Davie, and the Internet, amongst others, and participated in the ACRE Residency Program in Steuben, WI and Home Base Project’s HB Build Artist-in-Residence program in Berlin. Misael is represented by the Jacqueline Falcone Bed & Breakfast.


Pioneer Winter
Geometry of the Body Symposium

Pioneer Winter is a Miami-based choreographer, and director of the Pioneer Winter Collective – invested in interdisciplinary collaboration, transmedia, physical theatre and contemporary dance. His Collective provides a platform for risk-taking, progressive, and experimental arts initiatives. He is co-director of RIFT Blackbox and the Miami Dance Studio, and was founding curator of transmedia performances for FilmGate Interactive. Through his Collective, Winter directs/produces several programs, including L.E.A.P. (Leaders of Equality through Arts and Performance), a creative communication program for LGBTQ-identifying teens and their allies that focuses on using the arts for activism and social change; and the Grass Stains fellowship, a site-specific performance initiative that mentors and commissions artists interested in creating site-based and public art work in Miami through a close collaboration with acclaimed site choreographer Stephan Koplowitz. A Horatio Alger Scholar, he is an alumnus of the Florida International University Honors College, from where he holds a Masters in Public Health and Epidemiology. Winter recently completed a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography from Jacksonville University/White Oak, as the first artist to be named a Dennis R. Washington Achievement Scholar. He was awarded the Miami Choreographic Fellowship (2014-2015) and Miami Goes Elsewhere Fellowship (2016), and is a fellow and faculty member in the FIU Honors College Department. Winter is on the vision committee for the building of the Pembroke Pines Performing Arts and Civic Center, as well as serving as a grants panelist for Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs Community Grants. He was recently appointed director of Tigertail Production’s ScreenDance Miami festival for 2017.


Luchi Estevez

Geometry of the Body Symposium



Daniel Atchison Nevel

Geometry of the Body Symposium


Thank you to our Symposium sponsors
Geometry of the Body Symposium
Geometry of the Body Symposium