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MOCA Embodied Workshop

MOCA Embodied Workshop

MOCA Embodied Workshop

“The Other Dimension: Contemporary art practice as the existence of higher dimensions” presents new works by Cuban-born Miami artist Antuan Rodriguez.

His sculptural works address the human concern for universal communication through forms, symbols and codes.

November 30, 2016 – January 22, 2017

Curated by Jorge Luis Gutierrez


MOCA Embodied Workshop

“Sound and Vibration in the Other Dimension”

Friday, December 2, 2:00-4:00 PM

Departing from the artworks in Antuan: the Other Dimension,
join exhibition artist Antuan and healing artists Luchi Estevez and Jeff Deen as they come together to guide you through a meditative journey.

Learn how the power of sound, rhythm and vibration quiets your mind and carries you into the world of pure being.

Rhythm, movement and guided meditation come together, as Luchi and Jeff create a safe space for healing through aesthetic inquiry.

$10.00 includes program and museum admission

Featured artwork:

MOCA Embodied Workshop
Vibration 7.8 – Red, 2016 acrylic on canvas 84 x 56 inches