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MOCA Contemporary Dialogues

MOCA Contemporary Dialogues

MOCA Contemporary Dialogues

Curated by Tiffany Madera


• a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun.
• a pair of connected or corresponding things.

Drawing from Jungian psychology, SYZYGY unites 10 Miami-based Hispanic women artists whose work explores themes of identity, sexuality, power and spirituality. Each piece articulates a confrontation or engagement with the anima, animus and collective unconscious.

MOCA Contemporary Dialogues

MOCA Contemporary Dialogues | Embodying Syzygy:

Wednesday, 11.02.16 | 7–9pm

Interactive dialogue with exhibition artists facilitated by Mia Leonin.

MOCA Contemporary Dialogues
Mia Leonin

Free with museum admission

About the Facilitator

Mia Leonin

Mia Angela Leonin is the author of Braid (Anhinga Press, 1999) and Unraveling the Bed (Anhinga Press, Van K. Brock Florida Poetry Series, 2008). Her poems have appeared in New Letters, Indiana Review, Prairie Schooner and River Styx, among others. Leonin is of Cuban-American descent and was raised in Missouri. She lives in Miami, Florida where she teaches at the University of Miami and frequently writes about performance, dance and theater.

Read her poem “Syzygy: Ten Ekphrastic Sketches (and an adjoining room)” by clicking here.

Syzygy Artists

Barbara Bollini

Nereida Garcia Ferraz

Griselle Gaudnik

Laura Luna

Charo Oquet

Natasha Perdomo

Sandra Ramos

Beatriz Ricco

Alessandra Santos

Nina Surel


Syzygy is part of the City of North Miami’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations. Satellite exhibitions can be viewed at the North Miami Public Library and The City of North Miami City Hall, 2nd Floor.
MOCA Contemporary Dialogues