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Erotic City: The legacy of Prince and…

Erotic City: The legacy of Prince and…

Erotic City: The legacy of Prince and the social dream of brown and black queer worldmaking

Due to unforeseen circumstances Professor Tavia Nyong’o’s presentation will be rescheduled for a later date. Please join us for a guided tour of Intersectionality exhibition with Curator Richard Haden and enjoy a closing reception and musical tribute to Prince by DJ T Lyfe

Sunday, 08.14.16 | 2pm

$10.00 for Non-members
$5.00 for MOCA members & NoMi residents

In partnership with

Reading Queer, University of Miami Dept. of American Studies, and Equality Florida  Erotic City: The legacy of Prince and…       






  Erotic City: The legacy of Prince and… Richard Haden is an artist / writer / independent curator / activist. Born 1958, in Frankfort Kentucky, Haden attended the University of Kentucky and maintains a lifelong progressive autodidactic lifestyle.  Drawn to political foment, Haden began as an artist / activist in the homesteading / anti-gentrification movement, in the Lower East Side, New York City, in the 1980s which eventually sparked the Thompson Square riots. Haden was also a member of the New York / Nicaragua Construction Brigade which built housing for the Sandinistas after the Sandinista Revolution. In the 1990s Haden became an activist involved in the procurement of medical marijuana for AIDS relief. Since then Haden has been involved in several causes through writing or direct intervention. In 2015, Haden curated an exhibition at MOCA titled “Temporary Autonomous Zone.”






Tavia Nyong’o will be rescheduled!

Erotic City: The legacy of Prince and… Tavia Nyong’o is Professor of American Studies at Yale University, where he teaches courses in affect and queer studies, performance and performativity, and black culture and aesthetics. He is the author of The Amalgamation Waltz (Minnesota, 2009), and is completing a critical study fabulation in contemporary black art and performance. He is the co-editor of the journal Social Text and blogs as part of the Bully Bloggers collective.






Musical tribute to Prince by DJ T Lyfe

Erotic City: The legacy of Prince and…

  Erotic City: The legacy of Prince and… Curated by Richard Haden and focusing on the works of South Florida artists this exhibition explores concepts and issues of intersectionality, namely the ways in which oppressive institutions are interconnected and cannot be examined separately from one another.

Intersectionality Programs

Saturday, 07.23.16 | 6–9pm

MOCA Performance

Lip Service, Miami Book Fair’s premier showcase for true stories, out loud, and Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) present: Storypalooza!: “When Identities Collide.” Free with museum admission. $5 for non-members | Free for MOCA members & NoMi residents   Friday, 07.29.16 | 6–8pm

MOCA Workshop

Hands-on workshop featuring an Intersectionality exhibition artist Alex Trimino. $20 for non-members $15 for MOCA members & NoMi residents (includes admission, materials fee, cocktails and refreshments)   Tuesday, 08.02.16 | 12–2pm

MOCA Contemporary Dialogues

Mapping Miami’s Margins: Visualizing Intersectional Futures A panel discussion and roundtable lunch exploring issues on feminism in contemporary art. Moderator:  Donette Francis, Chair, Department of American Studies, University of Miami $15 Non-members $10 for MOCA members & NoMi residents   Thursday, 08.11.16 | 6–8pm

MOCA Contemporary Dialogues

Censorship in South Florida and Beyond Lecture and discussion with Richard Haden, Intersectionality curator and moderator; Edwin King, artist; Griselle Gaudnik, artist; Wendy Salkin, Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy, Harvard University $15 Non-members $10 for MOCA members & NoMi residents Free for exhibition artists   Sunday, 08.14.16 | 2pm

MOCA Performace | Closing Reception

Erotic City: The legacy of Prince and the social dream of brown and black queer worldmaking Keynote Address by Professor Tavia Nyong’o, New York University  Dept. of Performance Studies. Closing program and reception for Intersectionality exhibit. Musical Tribute to Prince by DJ T Lyfe. In partnership with Reading Queer, University of Miami  Dept. of American Studies, and Equality Florida. $10.00 for Non-members, $5.00 for MOCA members & NoMi residents. Free for exhibition artists

Erotic City: The legacy of Prince and…

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