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MOCA Workshop: Worry Dolls

MOCA Workshop: Worry Dolls

Friday, 07.29.16 | 6–8pm

MOCA Workshop

Hands-on workshop featuring Intersectionality exhibition artist Alex Trimino creating worry dolls.

$20 for non-members
$15 for MOCA members & NoMi residents
(includes admission, materials fee, cocktails and refreshments)

MOCA Workshop: Worry Dolls


Worry dolls are small, they fit in the palm of your hand and they are mostly hand-made of wire, wool and colorful textile leftovers.

In the dolls’ original Guatemalan tradition, a local legend about the origin of the Muñeca quitapena refers to a Mayan princess named Ixmucane. The princess received a special gift from the sun god, which would allow her to solve any problem a human could worry about. 

According to the Mayan legend, when worrying keeps a person awake, he or she tells a worry to as many dolls as necessary. Then the worrier places the dolls under his or her pillow. The dolls take over the worrying for the person who then sleeps peacefully through the night. When morning breaks, the person awakens without the worries that the dolls took away during the night.

MOCA Workshop: Worry Dolls
Photo cred: Monica McGivern


Trimino is a Miami-based visual artist who creates illuminated fiber-based sculptures and installations. Her work re-contextualizes the traditional use of colloquial, lo-tech crafts; crochet, knittings and weavings exploring social views on civilization, technology and gender. In her work old things, old ways and new technologies commingle; exploring how we connect to reality today. She uses embroidery and technology, creating a connection between past and present.

Alex Trimino was born in Colombia and lives and works in Miami, FL. Trimino graduated with a Master in Fine Arts from Florida International University. She attended Ox-Bow Artist Residency affiliated with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation Scholarship for Visual Artist. In 2013 Trimino’s work included in the  “OpenArt” International Art Symposium, Sweden and her solo exhibition “Dark Light” was presented at Läns Museum, West Gallery, Örebro, Sweden. Her 2012 solo exhibition “Luminous” was presented at the Art and Cultural Center of Hollywood, FL.  In 2011 Trimino’s work was part of “Witness to Creativity” at the Florida Museum for Women Artists and her solo exhibition “Binocular Disparity” was presented in the museum’s project Room. Trimino has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards from The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, The Elliot Museum, Appleton Museum of Art, Rawls Museum Arts, Cambridge Art Association and Joan Mitchell Foundation among others. Trimino is represented by Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami.

 Created at the workshop

My #WorryDoll done by moi at @mocanomi with guidance of guest #artist #AlexTrimino. #art #museum #northmiami

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MOCA Workshop: Worry Dolls
Totemic Light Patterns, 2016
mixed media
dimensions variable


MOCA Workshop: Worry Dolls

Curated by Richard Haden and focusing on the works of South Florida artists this exhibition explores concepts and issues of intersectionality, namely the ways in which oppressive institutions are interconnected and cannot be examined separately from one another.

Intersectionality Programs

Saturday, 07.23.16 | 6–9pm

MOCA Performance

Lip Service, Miami Book Fair’s premier showcase for true stories, out loud, and Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) present:
Storypalooza!: “When Identities Collide.”
Free with museum admission. $5 for non-members | Free for MOCA members & NoMi residents


Friday, 07.29.16 | 6–8pm

MOCA Workshop

Hands-on workshop featuring an Intersectionality exhibition artist Alex Trimino.
$20 for non-members $15 for MOCA members & NoMi residents (includes admission, materials fee, cocktails and refreshments)


Tuesday, 08.02.16 | 12–2pm

MOCA Contemporary Dialogues

Mapping Miami’s Margins: Visualizing Intersectional Futures
A panel discussion and roundtable lunch exploring issues on feminism in contemporary art.
Moderator:  Donette Francis, Chair, Department of American Studies, University of Miami
$15 Non-members $10 for MOCA members & NoMi residents


Thursday, 08.11.16 | 6–8pm

MOCA Contemporary Dialogues

Censorship in South Florida and Beyond
Lecture and discussion with Richard Haden, Intersectionality curator and moderator; Edwin King, artist; Griselle Gaudnik, artist; Wendy Salkin, Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy, Harvard University; Laura Luna, artist
$15 Non-members $10 for MOCA members & NoMi residents Free for exhibition artists


Sunday, 08.14.16 | 2pm

MOCA Performace | Closing Reception

Erotic City: The legacy of Prince and the social dream of brown and black queer worldmaking
Keynote Address by Professor Tavia Nyong’o, New York University  Dept. of Performance Studies. Closing program and reception for Intersectionality exhibit. Musical Tribute to Prince by DJ T Lyfe. In partnership with Reading Queer, University of Miami  Dept. of American Studies, and Equality Florida.
$10.00 for Non-members, $5.00 for MOCA members & NoMi residents. Free for exhibition artists



MOCA Workshop: Worry Dolls