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MOCA Contemporary Dialogues

MOCA Contemporary Dialogues


MOCA Contemporary Dialogues


Saturday, April 2, 6:30 pm

The colonial body in performance: a Caribbean/Afro-French perspective.

Stéphanie Melyon-Reinette, PhD

Artist and performer, member of the Comité Nationale pour la Mémoire et l’Histoire de l’Esclavage, independent researcher, cultural activist.

Jorge Luis Gutiérrez

Museum and visual arts manager, doctoral candidate and MA, New York University; BA, Architecture, Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Marielle Plaisir

Artist, performer, illustrator, scenographer, featured in ACTA NON VERBA

Abstract provided by Melyon-Reinette

The colonial body is crossed, inhabited by the plantation…

Is it a body which transcends or does it crystallize deep in flesh, deep in skin, its movement ? Its inertia ? Does the colonial body incarnate itself to reach transcendence ? Or does it disincarnate memory? Should it disincarnate memory?  Between coloniality and decoloniality, the colonial body adopts an “agency” to be to the world, through the lens of performance, a show, an experiment, an artistic act. We will attempt to explore those “agencies” both historical and sociopolitical through an iconographic excursion and analysis. The exposure of the colonial body – black – also questions the legitimacy of representation : which body is worthy of or appropriate for this (dis)grace ? Exploration of the poetics of artists descended from postcolonial societies and of / against the effects if imperialism, domination, censorship…

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MOCA Contemporary Dialogues