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Identity Issues: Protest Art: (Re)constructing Spaces of Resistance

Identity Issues: Protest Art: (Re)constructing Spaces of Resistance

Instructor: Dr. Alessandra Rosa, Sociocultural Anthropology, Puerto Rican Studies, Social Movements, National Identity, and Media at FIU

Identity Issues: Protest Art: (Re)constructing Spaces of Resistance

Alessandra Rosa is a practicing sociocultural anthropologist and activist researcher. She focuses on social movements, education, national identity(ies), discourses, and how these intersect and are manifested through the media. As a transnational feminist scholar, educator, and activist, she is committed to bridging the divide between academia and activism. In her classes, she emphasizes cross-disciplinary collaboration, critical thinking, and active engagement to become agents of change through daily actions.



Identity Issues: Protest Art: (Re)constructing Spaces of Resistance

Issues in Modern and Contemporary Art and World Culture

Class Schedule


Saturdays at 2pm • $5 per class.

Area professors and visual artists will conduct these classes.

Free for members, North Miami residents,
and city of North Miami employees

Art teachers may register with Miami Dade County Public Schools for professional development credits. Reading list provided for each lecture: Schedule of topics are listed below.


12/19 • The impact of Art Fairs and Art Market Speculation


1/16 Identity Issues: Feminist and Queer art
• Identity Issues: Protest Art: (Re)constructing Spaces of Resistance
• The Body: Baartman to Beyonce: Appealing/ Appalling Buttocks in Contemporary Popular Culture


2/6 • Time
• Place
• Language
• Spirituality


3/5 • Science and technology
• Learning from Outsider Artists


4/2 • Handiwork, the place of craft in art today
• Street artists
• Trends in  Architecture

Call 305.893.6211 to register

How will teachers earn Master Plan Points?
For every two lectures attended, teachers can register for 4 master plan points. Each class will consist of 1 hour of lecture, followed by 30 minutes of discussion and/or a walkthrough of an exhibition. Teachers must complete 1 hour of a follow up activity, which includes developing a lesson plan.