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Saturday, 12.05.15 | 6pm

 ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL LECTURE:  Latin America in the Twenty First century:  A Perspective
By Professor George Yudice, University of Miami

The 2015 International Lecture focuses on the concepts of de-territorialization and imagined communities to rethink the dynamics of movements and social networks in the era of globalization. Taking theoretical frameworks established by Arjun Appadurai in Cultural Dimensions of Globalization and Nestor Garcia Canclini’s Imagined Globalization, the lecture explores the processes through which Latin Americans redefine and reconfigure identities to create connections from miniaturized and highly specialized interests. In the construction of these forms of new and often de-territorialized sociality, imagination plays a leading role. With it, the ideas of ​​invention is prevailing in a context in which the media take center stage, not only broadcast, but inflect and shape cultural processes. Leaning on the imagined communities as an essential element in the construction of the postcolonial nation-state, imagination is a heuristic and hermeneutic tool indispensable to identifying the ontological contours of the post-colonial universes.

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