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WORKSHOP with Samuel Lopez De Victoria
Saturday & Sunday, October 19 & 20, 2-5 pm

Members: $15
Non-members: $20


Samuel Lopez De Victoria, a Masters in Fine Art candidate at the University of Florida in Art and Technology, hosts a seminar on interactive software and video gaming industry. Art and video game technologies are combined in this two-day technology and interactivity workshop where participants will experiment using tools, software, hardware, circuit boards, and sensors. The result is new work that incorporates interactive technologies.
WORKSHOP is a seminar series led by Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) curators, local artists and guest speakers who present and discuss topics relating to MOCA exhibitions. WORKSHOP was developed in response to the appetite for contemporary art education geared towards artists living and working in Miami.

Computers or laptops are suggested as they will be used for the workshop, but not required.
Each day the workshops will be split to cover two different subjects:
• Day One: Creating Interactive Software/Media
• Day Two: Interactivity through Sensors & Circuits

Day One: Creating Interactive Software/Media
The subjects and goals of this workshop are to inform participants of what public software tools are available to create interactive media and artworks. Programs such as video game building software, video performance software, and more will be covered with a large emphasis on tools that can be used with minimal to no computer coding while still being complex and limitless. “Plug-and-play” hardware will be covered as well using common consumer computer hardware as forms of interaction usable in installation and sculpture.
• Software: The Artist’s Tools
• Game Creation Software
• Live Video Manipulation Software
• Common Software Used for Interactivity
• Hotkey Tools
• Hardware: Everyday Electronics for Every Interactive Need
• Visual Scripting: Programming Without Needing to Code
• Creating Project
• Thinking in Algorithms/Loops
• Animating it Alive
• Sound
• Make it!
+ More

Day Two: Interactivity Through Sensors & Circuits
Learning to use sensors, such as pressure, light, infrared, analog, and other inputs, participants will be able to create and integrate electronic interactive systems into their work. Manipulation of lights, colors, sounds, as well as other outputs in use within art installations will also be discussed. Topics covered in Day One of the workshop will be expanded upon showing methods of interactive software being integrated with created hardware and sensors as input (ie. a light sensor to trigger an a program to react).
• Building Your Own Circuits: Arduino
• Fundamentals of Building a Project
• Circuits Overview
• Using Sensors to Make Things Happen
• Expanding on Fundamentals
• Creating Larger Systems
• Networking Devices
• Hardware Talking To Software
• Public Programs
• Self Made Programs
• Installation Integration
• Hiding/Showing Hardware
+ More


In order to use sensors and circuit boards each participant will need to have an Arduino(Leonardo or UNO model) circuit board.
Workshop can take minimally 3 hours with breaks

Laptops are not required for the Saturday program but are required in order to participate on Sunday.

All information covered will be easily digestible where participants will not have to be technical savvy in order to understand or use the tools, but will still need to know fundamental computer functions such as the Mac/Windows user interface, mouse, keyboard, and etc.