Permanent CollectionSculpture

Martin Oppel

Crate Ziggurat (Cedar), 2004

Aromatic Cedar and Cherry Wood

42 1/2 in x 30 in x 23 1/2 in.

Martin Oppel (born 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) in a latin artists based in New York and Miami. Graduating from New World School of Arts, Oppel presents his views with images that invite self-reflection and spiritual contemplation. This artist creates work that can be viewed as valuable discoveries that grasp and underlying sense of unity and harmony with the source. By offering the human mind choices of liberation through the interactive phenomenon of art, Oppel gives to his audience something that can allow people to feel at peace with the notion of existence and a comfort that emerges from that understanding.


Crate Ziggurat (Cedar) is a sculpture piece consisting of two crate-like boxes one on top of the other. The finishing of the piece is very soft to reflect that peace that Oppel want to portray.


[description:] Rectangular box with a similar, but smaller, box in top of it. Made out of aromatic cedar and cherry wood. Both boxes are connected by a triangular piece that goes through the larger box, but only rest light next to the smaller box. The pattern of the wood is visible throughout the whole piece.


Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami
Museum purchase with funds provided by Pop Love