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Russell Crotty

(San Rafael, California, 1956 -)

Small Atlas of Selected Celestial Drawings, 1998

ink on paper (bound book)

9 ½ in. x 14 in. x 1 in.

Russell Crotty (born 1956 in Southern California) is an american artist based in Ojai, California. Crotty’s vast body of work challenges the limitations and preconceptions of drawing as primary medium, pushing the genre towards minimal sculptural installation. Especially known for drawings on paper-coated suspended globes and within large-scale books, he continues to explore new ideas that investigate and expand the notion of “works on paper.”


Small Atlas of Selected Celestial Drawings is a piece made into a booklet with different drawings inside of it. Crotty, besides being an artist, considered himself an amateur astronomer. This piece was inspired by the universe and the stars that can be seen from a telescope.


A bound book, white pages with pencil drawings. Each page contains a different pattern or drawing. The central drawing is made out of circles that surround a black circle that is thinly elongated at the sides.