Permanent CollectionSculpture

Ricardo Ribenboim

Troca de Pele (Change of Skin), 1999

peanut wood


Ricardo Ribenboim (born 1953 in Sao Paulo, Brazil) is a latin artist based in Sao Paulo. He studied architecture in the Faculdade de Arquitetura de Santos. He investigates the limits between graphic design and the visual arts, using different materials and also adding technological details.


Troca de Pele (Change of Skin) is part of the artist contribution to Brazil’s Neo-Concrete movement. The movement called for an art in which the viewer was an active participant and the art object was to be considered a living organism. This piece was created with an acute sense of the basic organic structures that exist in all life forms.


[description:] long worm-like shaped. Multiple circular bases connected, shaping the piece. The circular bases go from small to large to small again. The top part of the artwork is a cylindrical wood piece that elongates. The wood has a smooth finished.

Gift of the Artist