Permanent CollectionSculpture

Petah Coyne

(Oklahoma City 1953 -)

Untitled 757, 1993- 2004

mixed media and wax sculpture

48 x 38 x 39 inches.

Petah Coyne (born 1953 in Oklahoma) is an American artist based in New York. This artist is best known for their hanging sculptures and floor installations. Ranging from the organic to the ephemeral, her works incorporate dead fish, mud, sticks, hay, black sand, specially-formulated and patented wax, satin ribbons, velvet, silk flowers, and more recently, taxidermy and cast wax statues. Themes of loss, darkness and hidden beauty are recurring in her work.


Untitled 757 is a hanging sculpture with an organic shape. This piece was presented in MOCA’s “Ars Memoria”, a thoughtful selection of more than 40 artworks from its permanent collection. The show evoked big themes, from romantic desire and bodily violence to cultural clashes and anguished loss.


[description:] Chandelier-like wax sculpture made of white roses that are dripping.

Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami