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Julio Antonio

Julio Antonio

Untitled, 1994

Hand printed color silkscreen

30 in. x 40 in.

Julio Antonio (born 1950 in Havana, Cuba) is a latin american artist based in Havana. He attended San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts (Havana, Cuba) in 1975 and the Superior Institute of the Arts (Havana, Cuba) in 1981. Antonio describes his work as “he conscious and the subconscious; between the inconclusive and the defined; between the satirical and the tragic; between the poetic and the dramatic”.


Untitled is a painting that reflects some of Antonio style in the 1990’s. During that period, Antonio was very focused and inspired by spirals. Many of his works from that time were created with a sense of movement and dynamic thanks to the fact that he used the spiral shape to organize his shapes and forms.


[description:] orange and blue are the most used colors. In the center of the piece is the main subject. The subject is sitting with his knees up and with other people inside boxed making up his body. The pain subject has a very long tongue that creates a spiral around him. Standing on top on the tongue, going around the spiral, are small animals that also have their tongue out.

Gift of Ruth and Richard Shack