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Jan Dibbets

Jan Dibbets

(Weert, Netherlands, May 9, 1941 -)

Orvieto, 1983

photo collage, gouache, and graphite on board

28 ¼ in. x 28 ¼ in.

Jan Dibbets (born 1941 in Netherlands) was originally trained as a painter, bu he turned to photography in the late 1960’s. Dibbets’ investigation into ideas and optics become clever relationships between objects and space in his works. Through his juxtaposition between images using photo collage techniques, Dibbets questions the relationships between perception and reality. THe title, Orvieto, refers to the Italian hilltop city and reflects Dibbets’ interest in constructing points of view and perception as well as the distorio of architectural and natural structures.


[description:] Photo collage on diamond-shaped figure. Three-dimensional appearance with a semi-circle image in the center. The background of the piece is a dark gray color. The sketch of the circle of which the “C” shape originated can be seen faintly. The drawing inside the “C” shape is a range of different brown, creating an abstract drawing.

Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami
Gift of Joan and Roger Sonnabend