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Eve Aschheim

Eve Aschheim

Circle A, 1995

oil on Canvas

12 in. x 9 in.

Spot, 1995

oil on canvas

12 x 9 inches.

Eve Aschheim (born 1958 in New York City, NY) in an American artist based in New York. She is an abstract painter and draftsperson who has exhibited her work nationally and internationally for over a decade. Aschheim’s interests do not fall under the categories of image, object or design. She is after something more elusive and less stable—implied motion, states in the midst of change, a fictive reality that exists between multiple visual constructions. Interests in geometry, the urban environment, drawing, light, and the creation and alteration of pictorial space inform her work.


Spot was created by Aschheim with a very limited color pallet, with strokes that create linear and geometric composition. Despite it being abstract, this work suggest architectural structures and three-dimensional space.


[description:] abstract strokes of black paint in a white canvas. The left side of the painting is mostly unpainted, while the right side is covered with a black U shaped movement  that reaches up to the middle of the surface. It the middle of the painting there is the outline of a circle that is not completely perfect.