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Inka Essenhigh

Inka Essenhigh

(Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, 1969 -)

Romantic Painting, 2002

oil on panel

52 in x 64 in.

Inka Essenhigh (born 1969 in Pennsylvania) is an american painter based in New York. Essenhigh’s painted visions are richly colored distorted fables peopled with archetypes, sprites, and anthropomorphized nature. The paintings breathe and undulate with life as ocean becomes sea monster, tree becomes goddess, or hipster bar-goers become drunken ghouls. As she describes it, her mythologies strive for “the feeling of an inner vision” captured during the witching twilight hours. Inka Essenhigh received recognition at the onset of her career in the mid-1990s, when photo-based art dominated the art world, and Essenhigh was painting graphic paintings using enamel paint.


Romantic Painting, created by Essenhigh, represent two lovers that become one as their eyes, mouths and bodies fuse in eternal embrace. Their bodies entangled in an incredibly dynamic dance. Her use of cold tones ties the entire painting together, while the dramatic lighting brings out the motifs depicted.


[description:] Fusion of organic forms that recreate the shape of two people that are melting into one. There is not much detail on the background, the premonent color of it is dark blue. The subjects are off center of the piece, leaning a small amount to the left side. The head of the female subject is elongated in order to reach the male counterpart, while her body rests at the bottom of the painting.