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Trading Places 2 /
Onajide Shabaka

Trading Places 2 / Onajide Shabaka


Onajide Shabaka’s work makes references to the anthropological, geological and biological through a visual aesthetic that is challenging and visceral, with a grounding in African Atlantic culture.  Since 1997, his work has largely moved into the Florida wetlands, upper Minnesota and Oregon woodlands. He will use Trading Places 2 to bring his art practice back into the formal gallery through photography, drawing and sculpture of natural and industrial materials.  Bonnie Clearwater first worked with Shabaka when she selected him for the exhibition New Art: South Florida at the Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale in 1993, and notes that his recent body of work based on botanical studies conducted in South Florida marks a new path for him to develop. “With his extensive experience teaching at the college and university level, Mr. Shabaka will play an important mentoring role for the teen and young adult students in MOCA’s afterschool programs,” she said.