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Albert Oehlen

Albert Oehlen

Albert Oehlen: I Know Whom You Showed Last Summer on View

November 19, 2005 – January 8, 2006

Albert Oehlen: I Know Whom You Showed Last Summer is the first major U.S. exhibition of the German artist Albert Oehlen. The exhibition features 30 canvases from 1988 – 2003, and explores how Oehlen pushes the parameters of formal Modernism to the extreme by using colors, forms, and spatial relationships that distort the accepted standards of good painting. The exhibition is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami and is curated by MOCA Director Bonnie Clearwater.

The selection of paintings for this exhibition, notes Clearwater, “are among the most extreme examples of Oehlen’s works. Although he has worked in a variety of mediums and styles, the abstract paintings are his primary interest as he believes they make the most concise statement about his rational approach to art. In these paintings he sets up impossible situations that he ultimately resolves with great intelligence, humor and finesse.” This humor, she adds extends to the title of the exhibition, which Oehlen chose after the original title was forgotten. “I Know Whom You Showed Last Summer”(sic) is part reference to American popular culture and the horror film “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” and a wry nod to the Museum of Contemporary Art’s own exhibition history.

Albert Oehlen: I Know Whom You Showed Last Summer is sponsored in part by Daniel and Toni Holtz. Accommodations provided by Trump International Sonesta Beach Resort and Sonesta Hotel and Suites Coconut Grove.