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possibility of an island

The Possibility of an Island


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The Possibility of an Island

By Ruba Katrib

78 pgs/2008/Paperback



The exhibition The Possibility of an Island took French author Michel Houellebecq’s 2005 novel of the same title as its starting point and included works by international artists working in a variety of media, that  addressed themes from habitation and technology to fear and hope. Artists included: Cory Arcangel; Davide Balula; Tobias Bernstrup; Heman Chong; Peter Coffin; Matias Faldbakken; Cao Fei; Kim Fisher; Claire Fontaine; K48; Chris Kraus; Cristina Lei Rodriguez; Nicolas Lobo; Martin Oppel, Philip, Lisi Raskin; Julika Rudelius; and Mungo Thomson.