Alex Gartenfeld on WLRN’s South Florida Arts Beat

List North Miami’s Museum of Contemporary Art’s new Interim Director, Alex Gartenfeld, previews his plans for our great museum. Producer/Host Ed Bell Written and Voiced by Judith Bishop

Collector to Collector: Episode 2

VIDEO – Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff Art Talk

Collector to Collector: Episode 1

Episode 2: Estelle and Paul Berg, Andrew Hall, and Ella Fontanals- Cisneros November 19, WBPT, Channel 2, 7 pm    Episodes 1 & 2 will be broadcast consecutively on November 24

Auction of tracey emin works at phillips

$185,000 Raised For MOCA North Miami Through Auction of Five Neon Works by Tracey Emin at Phillips The auction of five sculptures by Tracey Emin at Phillips has raised $185,000 in support of MOCA. The new series of works, titled Loving, were created by Emin earlier this year and transcribe »

Jillian Mayer, Landscape , 2013


Architectural Digest & The Ritz Carlton Rewards Card Exhibition Preview Dinner

Special Exhibition Sponsors Preview of “Love of Technology” North Miami, FL, October 1, 2013……Architectural Digest and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card from J.P. Morgan hosted an exclusive preview of the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami’s newest exhibition “Love of Technology,” which inaugurated the 2013–14 season. MOCA’s Chief Curator Alex Gartenfeld led guests on »

Opening Reception Love of Technology

Natalia Benedetti, Immaculate Murder, 2001

MOCA’s Lobby Gallery Natalia Benedetti’s video “An Immaculate Murder” juxtaposes the tranquil images of a cat with an audio track describing the methodology for a perfect murder. The audio segment is cut from Alfred Hitchcock’s film “Rope.” “An Immaculate Murder” explores the complexities between victim and aggressor; the viewer is »