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April 24, 2014


An MC/Spoken Word & DJ freestyle mix session with Baloji and DJ “The Brass King”

FREE TEEN WORKSHOP  at  North Miami Public Library (835 NE 132nd St, Miami, FL 33161)
Thursday, April 24,  4:00 – 5pm
Melange n.: a mixture of different things


Join Congolese-Belgian MC, Baloji, and PATH DJ, The Brass King, for an MC and DJ freestyle mix session at MOCA Afterschool Teen Art Program. Lend your lyrical, cultural and musical flavor to this Hip Hop melange featuring a writing workshop, open MC cypher, improvisational beatmaking and Q&A.
Baloji  is at the forefront of redefining African music, delivering a fresh, new sound – where the lyrical edge of hip-hop’s pioneers meets Congolese rumba and ’60s soul. Known for his electrifying performances, boundless energy and unique uber-suave style, Baloji rhymes in an intensely personal way. Fusing funk and ragga with the urban sounds of his Congo homeland, Baloji has been labeled as one of the most innovative rappers ever to emerge from Africa.