Natalia Benedetti, Immaculate Murder, 2001

Gift of Maggie Hernandez
Natalia Benedetti, An Immaculate Murder,2001, DVD, Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Gift of Maggie Hernandez

MOCA’s Lobby Gallery
Natalia Benedetti’s video “An Immaculate Murder” juxtaposes the tranquil images of a cat with an audio track describing the methodology for a perfect murder. The audio segment is cut from Alfred Hitchcock’s film “Rope.” “An Immaculate Murder” explores the complexities between victim and aggressor; the viewer is not sure whether the cat is a symbol of guilt or innocence. Benedetti’s work was included in the MOCA exhibitions, “Making Art in Miami: Travels in Hyperreality”, 2000 and “The House at MOCA” in 2001. Her film, “Let’s Get Lost”, was projected on the museum’s art court wall in December 2001.